Gracie Breakdown "Multipple Opponents"


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Nov 12, 2011
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How to Defeat Multiple Opponents (Special Edition Gracie Breakdown)
Great video and a good message for the new year. Their discussion about knowing yourself and not putting the power to injure your ego in the hands of others really resonated with me. And, obviously, good content on how to deal with multiple attackers.
Great Stuff. I missed this on my Youtube. Thanks for posting..
I like the way Hener pressents GJJ. He does not sound like some of the Gracies who are saying that their Martial arts is the best in the world. Here you can see Rener gives credit to the Striking arts even advocates striking over grappling in a multiple opponent scenario and at the same time shows what practical aspects of grappling that can be used.

He even said they prefer the elbow.