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Oct 20, 2005
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Moving to tampa in a week and going to start bjj after the start of the new year. Looking for a little info about these places. Eduardo de lima is the instructor at gracie barra and rob kahn instructs RGJJ. Both comparable price wise and distance wise both black belts rob under royce gracie and eduardo under carlos gracie jr. JUst wondering if anyone has trained at either location and which would be a better starting school. Any one's experience's would be greatly apperciated thanks ahead of time from the dumb noob.....
Try both and see which one you like more in terms of the instructor's personality and instruction, the vibe of the school and what kind of training they have to offer.

My sister and I have been training at Gracie Barra Tampa for just over 1
As for the vibe at Gracie Barra Tampa, here's an e-mail I received at the website today. It's from a Marine that trained with us for a single night when Eduardo happened to be away from the school.
Subject: Thanks for the hospitality

Hey guys,

I came down a few weeks ago after flying in to attend a fellow Marine's funeral. I really missed training BJJ and decided to stop by and watch. I was overwhelmed by friendly fellow practitioners who welcomed me in and on the mat, going so far as to throw their training clothes at me (a complete stranger) in order to include me in training. I felt like I was home among friends and that must be a direct reflection of Eduardo, who I didn't get meet. I'm actually looking into moving there with my wife and 2yr old son at the end of my enlistment (next year). We might even come down in February to check out the area in detail and see if there's anything I can do for a living eventhough all I'm really gonna WANT to do is train. I hope all is well and I can't wait to return.

God Bless - Ben​
Me and a friend took Ben to dinner after training and he was a very cool guy. It'll be great to get to train with him regularly once he has moved down here.
Rob Kahn kicks ass. I took a seminar with him and learned so many cool moves that I've implemented into my game. This guy really knows his jiu jitsu. I train with one of his top students, Brian McLaughlin, so I see a lot of his new innovative jiu jitsu moves in practice. I have a video of Rob tapping my instructor like 4 times in 45 seconds, and they were all moves that he had just taught too.

I also had the privelege to watch Rob's debut fight where he armbarred a dude in under 2 minutes.

I may be biased because of my instructor, but Rob Kahn is the real deal.
I'm alsop biased since I'm one of Rob's students

Rob Kahn is incredible, his Jiu-Jitsu is on another level. When I started training with him my game took off, he will make you reach your highest potential. His techniques are very innovative too, you will learn things that you won't see anywhere else, I guarantee it.

Also, I've been to his place in Tampa many times (I live in New York - rob used to teach in Westchester before moving to Florida) and his students are very skilled and helpfull training partners. Some of his purple belts have even defeated black belts in competition.

Rob just made his MMA debut this weekend, he won via armbar after 1 minute 30 seconds (guy wouldn't tap so he had to break it). Rob's top student, Justin Garcia (abu Dahbi veteran) fought on the same card and won via rear naked choke in 40 seconds (put the guy to sleep).

If you want your Jiu-Jitsu to take off then get over to Rob Kahn's
I have a video of Rob tapping my instructor like 4 times in 45 seconds, and they were all moves that he had just taught too.

Man that was embarassing.....Rob owns me on the mat, he once tapped me out 3 times with one arm tied to his side (no joke)
I'm a student of Brian McLaughlin's and I have been to Rob's seminars and have to say he's amazing. The teaches some great moves, his students show very fast progress. If you want to get your Jiu Jitsu game up to another level, I say go to Rob's school.
Ive trained at both places and it depends on your goals and wants.

Gracie Barra is the traditional Jiujitsu from Brazil. Eduardo teaches the gi and is very passionate about Jiujitsu as a life style and not just a martial art. He has more than just jiujitsu to teach. Very culturaly rich guy with good morals. I respect the guy alot and since i am training the gi i wouldn
Just try both and see which suits you best. You can't go wrong at either place, and Tampa is lucky to have so much talent.
Thanks for the info fellers. I actually have stopped in and watched a class instructed by both of these guys. I just wanted to hear some outside opinions ya know. Any ways thanks yinz guys... for sure will take a free beee from both dudes... good to hear rob won i stopped in his place the before his fight cool cool lates
this is a win/win for you either way. personally, I'd go with Gracie Barra. Can't beat the Brazilian tradidtion. They are both top notch instructors. Rob Broke some poor guys arm real bad this weekend:) I consider Gracie barra the best there is.
A couple pics from Rob's fight