got my green belt


Blue Belt
Jul 25, 2005
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got my ass kicked in the process and sprained my knee but its all good
Gratz. That is one rare grappling belt btw!
Yeah, is it in judo? We have 2 (used to have 5) green belts on my judo team.

In any case, congrats, all the greens I know are top notch and if you got there, you probably are too.
it might be BJJ. he could be a really good young guy. theres a 14 year old green belt out here that tools blue belts his size
Green belt is the top junior belt in BJJ. At our school when they get too good for the kids class anymore Cassio will promote them from green to blue, then they train with us. I think technique wise a Green is the equivelent of a blue.

ATTFighter, how old are you?
Can't promote to blue from green until they are 16.
ATT has a green belt even for adults i believe. White-Green-Blue

thats how it goes.
Since he has the link to the ATT website in his sig, and said he got his ass kicked in the process of getting the belt, I'd say it's a green in BJJ.

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no its a green belt in BJJ and im 20 ATT has white green blue purple brown black
do you get stripes on it also?
do they use the green to make sure you know a lot of no gi also or is it just a stepping stone on the way to blue?
they just want the ATT belts to better then other schools belts so when your ready for blue your green, when your ready for blue your purple so all of our top guys are a step ahead of the other schools