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Got my blue belt today!


Blue Belt
Feb 9, 2006
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Sorry guys for posting a blue belt post but Im pretty excited and wanted to share the news with you guys.

I competed in the Louisianan State BJJ tournament today and ended winning the 207.5 lb weight limit. The best part of it all was that I beat the guy that won the open white belt absolute.

Shortly afterwards Prof. Raphael Ellwanger came up to me and awarded me my blue belt. It came as a complete shock as I was not expecting this.

Ill continue working hard if not harder to live up to the blue belt expectations.

The tournament was great. Saw a couple of fighters there such as Rich Clementi and Tim Crueder. Ill post some videos when I get a chance so that you guys can critique me in what I need to work on.

Been training for exactly one year now.
Nice accomplishment, looking forward to seeing those video
good for you man! Any pic? How long had you've been training?