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Good Shoes for adults

Senzo Tanaka

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Dec 21, 2010
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First of all, I'm 33 years old. I tend to dress a little young for my age just because I prefer the style and comfort. Not to mention, I have a baby face. With that said for the time in my life, someone commented on my shoes being for kids the other day. Normally that kind of stuff doesn't bother me but it did kind of make me think I should grow up a little bit style wise.

Comfort is big to me and even though I don't skate, I like the boxing/puffy type shoes. I also like plain designs with one or two colors max. Grey/white, black/white, white/white, etc. Basically anything that looks good with jeans and feels comfortable to walk in. No shitty Converse Chucks which kill your feet.

This is what I have currently. As a grown ass man, what are some good suggestions to enter adulthood?

I use Adidas and Nike.

Ditch the skate shoes, you're a goddamn adult!



Latest pair I've bought, comfy and light.

Just picked up myself a pair of these. comfortable as fuck. been getting lots of compliments on them.
any of yous remember this shit?

Other than flip-flops, these are typically the only three different kinds of shoes I wear for work/casual/gym: