good running shoes?


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Oct 25, 2005
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can anyone throw me the names of a few good cheap running shoes they reccomend and why?
its hard to find decent shoes that are cheap. but New Balance shoes are very good, they run anywhere from $60 bucks and up.
I love my nike shox, but they arent cheap :(
I really like New Balance. They are functional and don't look too bad.
ace98 said:
its hard to find decent shoes that are cheap. but New Balance shoes are very good, they run anywhere from $60 bucks and up.

Very true. I have a pair of reeboks that I got on sale for $40 bucks and they work great.
I love Nike Shox, such a comfortable shoe. I want to get myself a pair of Black Nike Shox 45's. These are the shoe to get if you have the money. Cheaper shoes, I'm not sure, I haven't bought a pair of cheap running shoes in a while. My last pair were a pair of Nikes. They still hold up today and fit my sister and I think they're 4 years old. So I would go Nike whether your looking for a cheap shoe or not.
I used to wear the Nike but switched to New Balance and will never go back. The higher the number series the better the shoe exp. 500 6?? 7?? 8??
I've never had New Balances but I'm sure their both worth your money.
I have to have a comfortable, yet good looking shoe on thats why I go with the shox and they never dissappoint! Mine were $130 and I have had them for about 6 months.
I wear mostly Nikes or Asics. I've been meaning to try some New Balance.
New balance all the way...get the right shoes for your foot type...and remember New Balance NEVER sponcers anyone, so even the pro's who wear new balance have to buy them.
New Balance are great. However I got a real cheap pair of reeboks that are comfy enough, dont look romo, and did i mention they were real cheap?
I used to spend 130 for Nike but I actually had a sales person talk me into trying New Balance when I had wanted a pair of Nike. I have worn them all and New Balance is the best shoe that I have worn
anvar said:
eehh but fuck running...:p

Yeah, running is sorta gay. I get bored real quick listening to my IPod. My DVD player skips because of the machine vibrating, and the TV's at my health club always play soaps or the fucken news. Bah, I would rather run on a bike trail and enjoy the sceneary.
I would rather roll, hit some focus mits, or even jump rope over running any day...
Are there any Nike outlets by you? I got a pair of nike running shoes for $40 at the outlets.