Good MMA dojo in Atlanta/GA??

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Aug 31, 2004
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Hi to all!!
One of my contacts in the US is looking for a descent MMA-dojo in or around the Atlanta/GA area. If needed he s willing to drive some distance as well.
I was wondering if you guys could help me out? Any one knows a MMA-dojo around that area??
Thanks in advance for any replies!!
Forrest Griffen trains in GA. Not sure what part though. Sorry I can't help more.

MMA fighters get a great deal. You pay 110 (95 on special which may be running now) bucks a month for your mandatory BJJ (under an alliance brown belt), and everything else that the school offers is free. This includes boxing, cardio and muay thai. Classes are small and you get a lot of personal time with King of the Cage and Shidokan veteran Joe Merit. You may have heard the hype by now, but he's got the best muay thai in Atlanta, hands down. Additional instruction outside of the curriculum in arts like sub grappling and sambo is given at the coach's discretion and is completely free. You don't have to pay for expensive private lessons, but just ask the coach for addtional help and you've got it. You don't get that at other schoos.
Knowing the way Atlanta traffic is, they're a few others that are in the metro area. is in Duluth in North Gwinnett county. is close to downtown Atlanta. has quite a few locations including downtown Atlanta, Kennesaw and Marietta. is Team Praxis in Macon and Griffin (a bit of a ways out). is Forrest Griffin's former club in Athens, Ga (affiliated with StraightBlastGym). with Jacare (the light one),is in both Downtown Atlanta and Sandy Springs.

I'm making no vouches for the school or instructors, just giving choices because Atlanta commute times are so hellish, that your friend could find some close by....

Hey, all I just moved to the ATL and am looking for an MMA gym in midtown or somewhere around Decatur. Any help? (I've found a few solid strict boxing gyms but haven't come across any MMA gyms yet.)

I train at Creighton MMA and have for over three years now. Paul is a Renzo black belt, amongst his many credentials (judo/wrestling) and actually fought BJ Penn in the UFC back in the day.

We just moved into a NICE new facility up in Suwanee - I think it is safe to say the best facility now in Georgia as far as mat space and amenities and what not.

Anyhow, it is a 30-45 minute drive north of the city on 85, but I make the commute several times a week, because its worth it.
Would be nice if Sherdog had a "Regional" sub forum for threads like this, as they seem rather common.

Other schools in ATL are Roberto Traven and Tiger Academy.

**Edit to say that Velocity is no longer, as Knuckle Up has taken them over. I would HIGHLY suggest against Knuckle Up.
Ditto on the Knuckle Up. While I don't have personal experience, I've trained with many a dissatisfied Knuckle-Uper.
Any other suggestions for BJJ and MMA places on I-400 and 285 in Atlanta or surrounding towns/cities?

I noticed that KnuckleUpFitness had a meltdown this Summer and lost the Assuncao brothers (Rafael and junior), Steve Headen, and other good fighters and trainers.

Paul Crieghton's place and TheHardCoreGym are great, but just too far North East in ATL traffic.

Does anyone have experience at Alliance BJJ in Roswell?
Unit 2 downtown?

Any other suggestions?

Also, Texas has a great MMA forum
Is there a similar forum for BJJ players and MMA fighters for Atlanta and/or Georgia?
Ummm, are you srrious? Alliance. cobrinha, Ian McPherson, Chris Moriarty, Jacare Calvacanti... i mean the list goes on... I know people that have quit there jobs and moved to atlanta to train here... in fact I've considered it myself.
Alliance and Traven would probably be your best options. I'm a BJJ guy though, so I'm biased. I used to train at Alliance in Charlotte and they were pretty solid, expensive though. I also used to train with guys in Charlotte, after I left alliance, that all trained under either Royce or Traven and they had a great team. Only reason I left either place was because I couldn't afford alliance and because I lost my job while at the other school and moved to pennsylvania.
I trained last summer at ASCENSION MMA with Junior and Rafael Assuncao in Roswell. It's located right down Jimmy Carter Blvd. and their rates (for students anyways) were extremely reasonable, I paid $75 a month for unlimited BJJ which was gi and no-gi six days a week. They're very friendly and have a very family-like atmosphere. Yes I am totally biased but I really had an awesome time there.

In Athens GA, near UGA there's a little gym called Megalodon that's run out of a TKD school. It's $40 a month for BJJ or Muay Thai or $60 for both and you train under an alliance black belt and scott hicks. I train there currently and it's very nice but nothing fancy if that's what you're looking for. I've never trained at The Hardcore Gym (Brian Bowles and Forrest Griffin's place) but I heard they're great as well.

Besides the places already listed here, SARAIVA MMA just opened up in Doraville near the Marta Station. It's run by Diego Saraiva I believe, just opened up a few months ago.

Hope these links help:
Home Page
Megalodon MMA
Ascension Mixed Martial Arts - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - Combat Capoeira - MMA - The Next Level in MMA
you see how old this thread is? geez.

there are a few good places, but x3 has a guy on TUF right now..... *stirsthepot*