Good Gym Shorts


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Apr 29, 2003
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Anyone have any recommendations where to get decent gym shorts? I can't stand the long ones that make people look like they are wearing a potato sack. I need comfortable semi snuck good looking shorts. Theys seem impossible to find.

Look for some track/sprinter shorts. They're normally fairly short, snug, but let you have a full range of movement.
Yeah long shorts are bad in a gym. Worst is the guys with the long shorts and the beater on.

On the other side, short shorts aren't good either, especially when a guy is doing leg presses and his beanbags hanging out.

Back on topic, like the above post, look on an athletic, like track website or something like that. Also maybe even a cheap pair of fight/board shorts, since there comfy and look badass.
Some of the new styles of running shorts are longer now, probably around 2 inches above the knee and not to baggy. Or soccer shorts.