going to try out a bjj class




My mt gym has a bjj class going on next door every day. I was thinking of checking it out tomorrow.

I was wondering though, everyone there in the beginners class seem to be wearing GI's so I thought it would be weird for me to go in there with my shorts and t-shirt and just expect to start training with them.

What were your first classes like?
...they sold me a gi at the gym.
you could always ask when the no-gi class is (if your school offers one).

Yea my bad, I meant the affiliation or the BJJ's gym name. Alliance is good, yea go for it! Just looking out for you man, you don't want to get sucked in to these mcdojo type of crap. :icon_sad:
Just say you want to try out a class, they'll let you roll with your shorts and t-shirt, but if you want to continue after you'll have to buy a gi.

Don't bring huge basketball shorts and shirt because fingers get caught up and broken in there.

Have fun, this might be the new thing that will make you forget about everything else.
a lot of gyms have loaner gis-
but yeah- you'll feel really out of place w/out one
Yeah, that's what I was worried about. I don't like attention usually, just want to fit in.

thanks for the help guys. I can't wait to try it out tonight!
If any of you guys have time could you link me some nice bjj vids? like some fights of top guys.
At the academy I train at, it's usually not a big deal to train in shorts and a shirt if you are new. In fact, there is this one guy who had been training for at least 2 months and still doesn't have a gi. Other students know you are new, and it really isn't a big deal.
In the academy I go to, they give you a gi for the intro class and if you sign up you keep the gi.
When I signed up at my gym the Gi was part of the joining fee.
Most bjj academies have their own gi that you can get there. When I signed up I got one free with my membership. Some places you have to buy one.