gloves for my son


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Jan 11, 2003
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Hey just wondering if its worth getting good gloves for my son and me to spar with or is it no difference in the toy store cheapies. he is seven by the way.
Thats a good question. I say get a pair of 9 oz (if you can find em) or 12's.

Hell be able to use em when he gets older too, its good for the heavy bag no matter what age you are.
Make your son elite, so that one day he will dominate all MMA/Boxing/Kick-Boxing events. Something to make you proud of, if he shows interest in it at an early age.
go to SportMart or Big 5 or something like that. They have those "Father & Son" glove sets by Everlast. Sure, they are cheap, but he is only 7. You dont want to spend $35 -$70 on a pair of "real" gloves that wont fit him and will be too heavy for him.
cool thx for the replies ill look into that. as for me I allready have jkd gloves. im kindof swaying towards the cheapies for my son right now until he gets older.
cool those gloves look comfortable. like they're worn in allready
.......... and I thought my pink gi thread was out there....

Title boxing has some cheap kids gloves. Either that, or get him vinyl aerobic boxing gloves.
title and ringside make gloves for juniors fuck sport mart all there boxing stuff is shit if you went there return it
I would get something on the lower end of the price range. It'd probably be a good idea to get him some headgear as well. Things at that age stop being fun if they start to hurt.
hey thx for all the responses. I bought the cheapies. but down the road I have some good choices now. and yeah im not in it to hurt my son it just elevated from the focus mits and its great for his reflexes and motor skills. and something about him trying to hit me he fines really really fun :)