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Gladiator Mouthguards!?



I just recently ordered from www.customguards.com and purchased a gladiator Pro custom mouthguard. I have read old reviews and decided to go with gladiator, but I have not found any up to date reviews. Does anyone use this mouthguard and if so, how do you rate them? I know there are some really good customs out there, but I do not want to shell out 100+ right now for one. I am currently using a boil and bite, so I would think it would be a big improvement, right?
I'm currently in the process of getting a Jawzz mouthguard. They have been very responsive and good to work with. I look forward to getting my finished product.
so does anyone here use a gladiator mouthguard. I understand that smart guards or stars guards is a better choice, but I wanted to test the waters and not spend that much yet. I know it has to be better than my shockdoctor.
I don't think they are a lesser product at all. I think they can charge less because they are a bigger operation where the others are much smaller. Protech was BY FAR the best of the customs but they are gone now. I would say the top 3 now are starsguard, gladiator and jawzz. I'm thinking they are all pretty similar.

My brother uses a Gladiator and has had no complaints at all.
thanks for the reply. I just have not been hearing much about gladiator lately, that is why I asked. I can't wait until the process is complete. I have a fight in 3 weeks, so I am hoping it is done by then.
The quickest turnaround time I have ever heard of was with Gladiator. The owner used to post here but I think he may have been banned. I am positive you will be satisfied with their product.

Whatever you do avoid opro. They are a tad cheaper but this truly is a case of you get what you pay for.
I hear stars is really good

I have heard very good things about them also, but at this point in my fighting career, I can not justify shelling out 120 for a mouthpiece. I have been using a boil and bite up to this point, so I wanted to go to the next best thing. For the price and the reviews I have heard, I am deciding to give gladiator a try. I know it will be better than the shock doctor I currently use.
I hear stars is really good

Yeah, I waited till there were some reviews & pics posted here before ordering. They make great guards and have excellent customer service. I really wanted something close to that "Protech" look and level of protection and STARS was the right choice.