glad jds lost but look forward to his response


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Feb 24, 2004
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I liked how he gave credit to Cain and when the crowd boo'd him he painstakingly reprimanded them as someone should for being douches like that. And I especially like his final message. I hope he does a 6 month wrestling camp or something, but he's gotta a vary his he a bit more and also get some of that wrestler cardio if possible cuz I hope to see an even more exciting and even brawl in their imminent rubber match. Can't wait.
Didn't get a chance to see the fight cuz my girlfriend wouldnt stay at BWW's. At any rate, JDS is too great of a fighter not to evolve from this. We will see him back better than ever but don't want to see an immediate rubber match. Cain decisively whooped that ass.
you already made this thread man
He'll come back stronger and hungrier, I fear for the next man he fights.
I think that the 3rd fight will go just like the 2nd. I picked JDS the 2nd time, but, after watching it, it is apparent that Cain is the better all around fighter....not to mention far better tank.