Gi's Fitted for Tall Skinny Bastards?


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Sep 22, 2004
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My atama is starting to get shredded and I'm looking to get a new gi or two.

I've heard good things about Korals, but from what I've seen and heard they seem to be fitted for people a little more stocky than myself.

Anyone have experience with any gis that would fit someone tall/lanky (i.e. 6ft 180 or so) particularly well? Preferably pre-shrunk....

And yes, I did search, but couldn't find anything with the search terms I could think of.

I definitely qualify for a tall skinny bastard :D I am 6'1 and 171 lbs. I have recently ordered an A3 mkimono. I am going to get it mid December and will be glad to tell you how it fits then. Luciana of mkimonos told me, that A3 would be the choice if I liked my gi more snug, if I liked it more roomier I should go with A4. I also asked Ron of the ssf about the Gameness Platinum and he suggested the A3 as well, with reservation that the pants might shrink a bit, so they should be washed in cold and hang dry. What size Atama do you have? They also suggested the A3 for me. I also did a lot of research before the purchase, but haven't found a gi that would be dedicated to TSB's.
THe Mizuno Rickson Gracie gis are cut with a slim fit and they have a lot less bulk in the mid-section overlap.
SSF said:
THe Mizuno Rickson Gracie gis are cut with a slim fit and they have a lot less bulk in the mid-section overlap.
True. I have one and they are slim cut.

I have a size 5 and while the jacket fits perfectly the pants are too big in the waist. . Im 5'10"/175-180lbs and I wear size 31 jeans.
I'm 6'2" 200lbs. and I bought an A4 for my first gi following Atama's chart. The top fits good but you could fit two of me into the pants.
I'm 6'2 165.I'm going to start training with the gi,should i go with size A3 for most gis?
Mizuno and mkimonos. Ok... will have to check peoples gi labels next class and see how the gis fit on people.

I'm an A3 by all the sizing charts I looked at but was thinking of the relative height/width of the jacket.

Thanks guys.

HCK sells mix and match top and bottoms so you can get a size 5 (A3) top with a size 4 bottom for a perfect fit. HCK and I will have more in stock the first part of Dec. HCK gis are not pre-shrunk so you can wash and shrink them to fit you.