Ginastica Natural In Oakland, EVERYONE WELCOME


Guapo Mestiso
May 18, 2004
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Rafael Romano (Son of Alvaro Romano, creator of NG) will be coming out to Oakland, CA for a weekend of pure BJJ training at Open Door Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy.
The dates are January 13th, 14th and 15th!

We will be having one big package for all students of BJJ. Friday (01/13) we will begin the seminar at 7pm with a very nice warm up doing Natural Gymnastics( and after that we will be teaching a Guard Pass Clinic. Afterwards we will spend the rest of the time doing Free Training (Randori).

On Saturday(01/14) from 12pm-1pm we will do a Ginastica Natural Seminar. Afterwards we will have a Clinic on how to defend from the guard and show some sweeps from the Guard...-Basically we will be doing sweeps, understanding of the half guard and it's principles, drills and etc.

Sunday(01/15) 12pm---We will do a Natural Gymnastics warm up and after that free training!(Black Belt,Brown Belt and Purple Belt on the mats---Cool!

Guys, I will be studying with a few different black belts while I'm in Brazil. I will be bringing back with me the best of the techniques to Open Door. I hope to be able to see most of you guys this fine weekend...

Everyone is welcome to enjoy this weekend with us...I hope to see some guys from and Sherdog over here!

Natural Gymnastics-$50
The Whole Package-$75
lol---That's cheap,huh?


:icon_evil Sergio Silva
Up For Sergio

By the way Guys, Sergio is a Black Belt under De La Riva and Rafael Ramono is a High purple in Gracie Barra as well as an expert in Ginastica Natural.. He is the real deal.. Everyone should come thru..

Give us a call 510 532 3803..

If you come for just one day its only $25

-Ken Thomas
Team Open Door BJJ
De La Riva Association