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GIF request: Lauzon subbing Varner


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Aug 19, 2010
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Can somebody put that whole ending sequence where he sweeps him from guard
Found this

Lauzon is so much fun to watch.
That was a beautiful set up for a triangle. I wish I had half that talent.
Joke dude, the kid was joking...Jesus.

The first 2 responses in't thread were having a go at TS for "spoilers"

I actually had to check in case i'd missed Guillard getting injured or something.

Plus, it's really hard to gauge tone in just text :redface:

(unless smilies are used)
Funny how people are giving the TS a hard time. Hes asking for a gif of something that happened months ago. This was not a spoiler for tonights fights.
I quit smoking pot a few years ago, I must have too many brain cells left to get the joke.
lol. They must have thought the fight was tonight. Typical noob.