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May 9, 2003
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i would like to buy a new bjj gi, however i am confused with the size

My height is 178CM and i weight 78KG which size shall i purchase?

A2 (165-178cm, 62-78CM) or A3 (173-185CM, 72-90KG)
I asked the same question recently and the best answer is to try on the same gi that you are going to buy.
There is a comparative chart showing the sizing for several different makes on our site. Bear in mind that what is an A4 in one make is not the same criteria in another. Also dont just get one that 'fits' unless its a Gameness. Others need to be shrunk down to fit you.
The link is
While the link to the kimono reviews (where customers and users have submitted reviews of the different kimono makes out there) is

Hope this is some use.
Roy is right, a gi from Gameness will not shrink most other brands will. I think your height is the important factor more so then weight in picking a gi (that is unless you are way outside the charts).