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Nov 21, 2010
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Wrapping up 2012 with this review! Hope everyone had a great 2012 and a Happy New Year!!



Awhile back, we reviewed some products from the Canadian based Reevo MMA that produces a range of MMA and BJJ gear. This time, we're back with their top of the line Aerolight gi. Let's check it out!

Official Specs:
  • Exclusive vented underarms
  • 550gm golden weave
  • Lean cut
  • Covered seams
  • Heavy supple collar
  • Contrast stitching and embroidery
  • Includes jacket and pants
  • Includes vented uniform bag


One of the things I liked about Reevo products in the previous reviews were their packaging. They all came with their own carry bags which made storing and bringing them to the gym a breeze. Similarly, the Aerolight comes with its own gi bag, shaped like a duffel. The bag is made of gi material and has a vented mesh section, while Reevo is printed conspicuously in white across the entire length of the bag. More comments on the bag later in the review.


The Aerolight gi itself comes in three colours - white, blue and black. The one I have is black with a gold contrast stitching, a little reminiscent of the Hayabusa gi reviewed previously. However, the contrast is more subdued and reserved for only certain stitches like the chest/back reinforcements and the armpit vents.

While I would love to say that the gi is generally simple looking and elegant in its look, this is marred by the large circular Reevo logo at the bottom left of the gi top. If you can overlook that however, the design for the rest of the gi is quite subtle, with smaller Reevo word logos embroidered on the right shoulder and at the bottom of the lapel. Personally, I love the Jiu Jitsu kanji embroidered on the collar lapel too!

For some reason, they've chosen to put a red square patch on the inside of the gi for more branding purposes and to let you know you bought an Aerolight. I'm not a fan of the sudden break in colour, but it's not visible when worn.

The back of the gi is almost empty, save for a small circular Reevo logo, one that they should have considered sizing the front one down to. There's a lot of space left for customising with academy patches and such.

The pants follows a similar black/gold design, with the contrast stitching again limited to just the belt loops. There's also the Reevo word logo and the Jiu Jitsu kanji embroidered on the left and right side of the pants respectively.

Do note that there is some colour fading with this gi, especially at the lapel. Take a look at the post-wash section below to see the difference in shade between lapel and the rest of the gi. Several washes in, my washing water was still turning dark, so take care to wash with blacks or dark colours only.

Overall, a good looking gi if you don't mind the oversized Reevo logo on the front of the gi top.

Form & Fit

I couldn't find a size chart for the Aerolight on Reevo's website despite the Reevo Omaplata and Guard gis having a size chart. However, the Aerolight fits quite differently from the Omaplata reviewed previously, so I believe the cutting for this follows a modified size chart.

As usual, I got an A1 for my height of 169cm and now heavier frame of 69kg. Out of the bag, the gi fit just right, compared to the Omaplata which was a looser fit. The gi length is also noticeably shorter, especially post-wash. As a gold weave, some shrinkage was expected, and the gi became snug fitting while the pants and sleeves became a little short for me.

Pre and post wash measurements in the full review.


The Aerolight is a golden weave and feels like one - it is thicker and heavier than my pearl weaves, but manageably so. The first thought that came to my mind when putting this on was how sturdy it felt, and subsequent training has shown that it is quite able to withstand the punishment it receives. It is definitely quite comfortable to wear, although I can't comment on the effectiveness of the vented underarms as I wear a rashguard under and roll in an air-conditioned environment. One gripe is the length of the gi top though, being a little short, it comes untucked from my belt pretty easily.


The gi pants is the standard cotton variety, suitably light, though nowhere near ripstop. It comes with four belt loops and a flat drawstring that's a little short for me, making it harder to tie a good knot the way I usually do. Either that or I need to lose some weight.


Collar thickness is good and feels pretty solid, coming up as slightly thicker than the Submission Hemp gi when compared side by side.

Standard reinforcements all around, though the strip at the leg cuff looks a little narrow, but so far all's good and nothing's worn out yet.

As an added note regarding the included duffel gi bag, while a nice touch, it's not exactly the heaviest duty of bags. It can fit the Aerolight and a lot more, but it may not be able to take the weight. Mine had some tears at the strap attachment area to the bag and is almost going to tear off completely. That said, I confess that I wear out most of my bags pretty quickly with heavier than normal loads, but as a caution, keep stuff in this one light.


Reevo's Aerolight gi is an excellent quality product, suited for those who like their gis tougher and scoff at their flimsier lightweight cousins.

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