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Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by CroSpartacus, May 11, 2014.

  1. CroSpartacus

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    Jan 22, 2008
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    I am joining a BJJ school and have some questions regarding the gi's.

    I am 6ft 4in and 195 lbs. I know I will have a sizing problem. I have a developed chest with a slim waist and don't want to get anything too baggy or too tight. Where can I get a gi that will fit my size? Are custom gis an option?

    Regarding the weaves, based on my research would you recommend the "gold" weave? A double weave causes discomfort and I sweat a ton, but I don't want to go cheap and get a gi that is too light.

    Any advice on what brands to look for that will work for someone like me? I don't mind paying more for good quality as long as it will stay strong and be comfortable during training.
  2. Thai Otoshi

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    If you don't mind waiting a couple months for it to be made, Killer Bee has awesome custom gis.

    I haven't gotten mine yet personally, but they come highly recommended.
  3. Sexy Pants

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    Mar 31, 2013
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    Ya that sucks- I know a guy 6'5 205 A4 storm.
  4. 1neeto

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    Feb 26, 2014
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    Mililani, HI
    A4 and shrink the hell out of it.
  5. Fightshopca

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    Ottawa, Ontario
    Go for some companies with the custom sizes like Tatami or inverted Gear. We carry the Tatami Estilo 4 and they make an A3 L for really tall guys.
  6. TheMood

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    Apr 25, 2013
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    You and I are almost exactly the same size. I am 6'4" and about 185-190lbs. Most of the time you need to get an A3L/T/S depending on what the company calls it.

    I can recommend Kingz, Inverted Gear, Strike Fight Wear, 93 Brand, Oss, and Shoyoroll. I have gis by all of these companies and the fit of the A3L/T/S are all pretty good. I think the Shoyoroll fits the best but will probably the most difficult to get. The 93 Brand, Kingz, and Inverted Gear should all be readily available. I am not sure if Oss does slim sizing still.

    Kingz and Shoyoroll are relatively expensive compared to the Inverted Gear and the 93 Brand gis. If you can wait, sometimes has gis by these companies up for $100 or less. I am not sure where on the planet you are so shipping might be more.

    You may want to check out since they have a 60 day return policy on gis. This way you can return the thing if you do not like the way it fits.

    Some other brands that I have heard good things about and do slim sizing are: Tatami, Omega Maniac, Redstar, CTRL, and Fushida. However, I have never owned a gi from any of these companies.

    Weaves are either going to be gold or pearl for the most part. Just look at the weight in gsm (grams per square meter) to get a sense of how heavy the gi is.

    Good luck with the gi and the BJJ classes.

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