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May 2, 2005
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hello all

I want to get into mma im already training thai boxing and have started bjj with the gi, been doing it about a month and found out they do no gi there also! should I carry on with the gi to get a good base or go straight into no gi?

try both..see what you like..I LOVE No Gi..just my preference and more adaptable to MMA
Do both. Gi is much more technical, while no-gi focuses on speed. I train almost 100% gi - in both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo - and I even wear my gi during my self-defense modern Jujitsu classes. I entered a no-gi tournament and tried to use my strict gi knowledge against a submission grappler, to slow the pace of the match down with my guard. I did well, but lost by armbar.

I'm a much bigger fan of gi fighting, although no-gi is more realistic on the street and in MMA. In fact, I should go to more...
Ok, seriously, can we all stop bringing the
It's two gis or buck naked, covered in jelly for me.

Gi Squared or Lube should be what you're asking... Why go halfway?
heard you should do gi untill blue belt level and then do no gi but anyway I trained no gi tonite and dident think much of it, enjoyed gi alot more. I gues if I want to get into mma Ive got to train no gi.
Unreal.. If you want to have any hope of having a competent MMA ground game you need to train No-Gi.. The fact someone can believe a gi is more applicable than no-gi in MMA OR on the street is ridiculous. Keep training the gi if you like it, but don't become a slave. You need no-gi..

The only thing you have to lose is ego due to not being able to control bigger guys by using the gi. Learning to control bigger, quicker, stronger guys without a gi will develop your technique for MMA much more.. The gi is truly useful for one thing, competing in Gi tournaments
If you're doing mma why wear a gi for anything? Unless you're going to wear your gi into the cage why would you practice with it? I am a gi hater.
the actual gi lesson was just more fun thats all! surpose everyone is right if u wana do mma train no gi!
No gi is a must for mma survival.But if you like gi train that as well it has it's uses as well.