getting started -- finally


Gavin LeFever

cutting the long story short, im finally going to get moving on my mma plans. i've always wanted to give it a shot to see if i have any potential for the best sport in the world so here goes.

i'm looking at two places. the first place would be AMMA with Team ROC/ Greg Thompson's boys in Durham/Chapel Hill, NC area. everything seems solid and since one of the guys i used to wrestle with has trained under Greg i'm giving this one the first shot. it offers exactly what i'm looking for--BJJ and MT. (Academy of Mixed Martial Arts)

the second place would be ECSA. it's in the same area and has one of the Team Shamrock guys, Danny Daniels, training. looks pretty solid as well with a slew of styles they have backgrounds in, but im not sure how appealing that is to me. i've lost a lot of fondness for the other arts because i feel they often lose a lot of practicality in most mma events. (East Coast Submissios Academy)

for me, i'm thinking AMMA is where i want to be so i'm going to check in there first and see how day 1 goes. excited to say the least, since i'm finally moving on something i've kept on the back-burner for a while now. only downside is that i'm coming off of being sick for a week with strep throat (3 days of antibiotics left) and a ton of other tied in symphtoms that have thankfully left me.

before this whole 'sick week' i have been getting back into my workout routine so i don't make an ass of myself when i get on the mat at Greg's. kind of pissed at the setback but shit happens and it's no broken bone.

if anyone has heard good or bad about either i'd like to hear it. any oppinions or advice, as always, is always welcome.
you should try em both. most schools offer some form of free introduction, take advantage of it. I think more important than "who" is "how". only way to find out is try!
Good Luck!!!
I'm training in both BJJ and MT with Jake at team roc in Durham and I really enjoy the attitude and pace of it. Come on in and check it out.
I've heard really good things about Team ROC. I wish I could train there myself but it would be a 2 hour drive both ways.
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