Getting smothered on the ground


Aug 31, 2005
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I just recently started judo, and we were working on the ground. I started on my back and the goal, obviously, was to create enough space to get out or roll the guy so I was on top. The guy smothered me and while I almost got him a few time, I just couldn't complete the sweep.

Any advice for a grappling newb?
In my opinion, when you are just about to get enought space to make a good move, make sure that move is very quick and explosive. That way, they don't have as much time to readjust their weight on top of you.

Remember, though, technique should always come first.
Train more and more... the Smothering in time will come more and more dificult and won't affect you that easily in the future. Work on the correct timing... timing is everything besides good technique.
In judo, they use valid pins as hold-downs, smothering is a side effect of some of them. I assume you were trying to escape an actual pin, not just some fatty laying on you. Judo pins are very effective & require escape techniques. It's nearly impossible to escape a well applied pin just by shrimping. The instructor typically teaches the escapes along with the pin technique.

Can you describe the pin he was using? If we know which pin, we can recommend an escape to use.
Yeah, the guy on top of me was about my size, maybe a little heavier, but not much. It was my first might of class, and I think that the instructor was just trying to show the new students the effectiveness of the pinning techniques. It sure felt like the guy put on about a hundred pounds, though!

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