Getting rdy for a No Gi tournament

Justin Pressley

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Oct 20, 2005
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Its in about a month here in VA and its gonna be my 1st I wanna make sure im up to par so what exercises do u guys do to make sure your ready to go the distance.
im not going out of the area but 2 days before i compeate i do alot of squats and

no rolling just streching
and work outs
alot of weight lifting for that one day no bjj no contact with anything jiu jitsu.
Lots and lots of cardio... in my first tournament I was gassed by the 3rd match.
Cardio is def #1. I had the misfortune of fighting someone much heavier than I and gassed in about 3 minutes rolling with him.

I would to heavy lifting, squats, and situps with weights (i usually do 60lbs, or 100lbs). Don't do ANY exercising the day before the tournament (unless you can guarantee to yourself that you wont feel cramped the next day), but the day OF, run and do light lifting to get your muscles flexed and your breathing up.
i run run and run, start this a few weeks b4 a tourney and the day of, maybe just drilling on the ground to get the blood flowing sometimes light rolls
Sprints are a good one, since thats how a BJJ match is anyways....

You can work your cardio by training alot. Simply put, the best way to develop cardio for BJJ is to train BJJ, just the same as if you wanted to build cardio for football, play football.
Yeah sprints break up your breathing pattern, much like in a match... I don't really enjoy running but if I do run, I jog on the street for 5 lights then sprint for 1 or 2 lights and then slow down to a jog for the next 5. Rinse, Wash and Repeat.
I know this sounds dumb but know the rules and ways to score points. Have a strategy going in there if you want to win. My first tourney I almost got DQed because I went for a heel hook out of habit. I also lost out on points I could've had.
I started running sprints and it helped alot. Im a big guy(was 280) and im down to 250 in about a months and some change. My stamina went through the roof. I just sprint from my dorm to and from classes during the week. And, drink water take vitamins eat right... etc.
do intervals, lots of stuff that raises your heart rate then let it come back down and repeat. such as spinting walking sprinting. tabata workouts are good. burpees then resting the burpees and so on. try doing 15 jump squat burpees the roll for 5 minutes and repeat several times.