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Gene Simco Books?


Aug 31, 2005
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I want to take BJJ, and at some point I will, but at this time I don't have the money or the means of transportation. Regardless, I'd like to read up on it, and possibly practice a little with some of the people I train in karate with. So, anyway, I found these books, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Basics and No Rules Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by Gene Simco, and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on them.

We actually did some groundwork at the karate dojo that I train at. We just free-sparred for a while. I'm new to grappling. so I apologize if I sound naive, but I'm very interested in learning.
Pick up some DVDs by Roy Harris or Michael Jen. Don't waste your money on Simco. AND GET TO A REAL SCHOOL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You'll be amazed by how little you'll learn without a qualified instructor and experienced training partners.
As above, avoid Simco products. Not worth the money.
Agreed. Some would argue that Simco has done very well at "marketing" his books and products, and few would agree that he has any of the better instructional materials out there.

Do a search for what the experienced grapplers on this forum recommend, in terms of books/DVD's. You shouldn't have to spend too much money either. Then start training with your buddies consistently and do the FUNDAMENTALS over and over and over...

It's the best you can do until you can get to a good school with qualified instructors and other guys to roll with...
I second Roy Harris bjj 101, it is whery good and will be a good tool for you to use when you begin grappling.
Thanks for the advice. I actually got the Simco stuff for free, but I won't waste my time with them if they're that bad. My wife was going to pay for me to take some classes in Syracuse starting next year, but waited to ask me if that was the school I wanted to go to. I couldn't believe how much it was going to cost. But, I know you get what you pay for.
No, No, No, No, No Simco!!!!!!
EVERYONE rips on Simco, but I've got a copy of one of his early, early bjj books, and I learned a lot from it. He's out for the $$$$$ big time, but the book I have is from early in his career, and covers the basics nicely.
BJJ.org gives his "Master Text" a really good review. I've never read it or even seen it though, so i don't really know
Simco may not be a great competitor himself, but his BJJ Master Text is excellent. As the cliche goes, those who can't do, teach.
kneecompression said:
BJJ.org gives his "Master Text" a really good review. I've never read it or even seen it though, so i don't really know
the book IS realy good...but a bit too stacked with moves you will never need...imo...but its always better to get a good dvd than a good book
That's actually why I got the Gene Simco books, because the two I got came with DVDs included. I have yet to really check them out, though.
I have both the early copy of the master text and the newer bigger master text.
I used them alot when I first started training.
They are very helpful to a beginner....But they are pricey!
Wow, thanks for the link, LuNoTiCK. There's some real bad blood there. I guess I never knew how important belts were to some people that they would pay for them rather than earn them. Wait a second, I used to go to a school like that! Good thing I left.
I have the old master text and like it fine. I won't pretend to know anything about him personally, but his book was good. Don't know about the two you mentioned though, but if they were free use them and see how the stuff works for you.