Gene Lebell's grapling world.. worth it?

Mark Limbaga

Amateur Fighter
Jan 31, 2004
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Saw this book and contemplated on getting it but I just want to get reviews first.

your opinions?
anything with gene is worth it, some f his submissions are way out there but his understanding of ground technique is second to none
i would have to disagree on "anything with gene is worth it". I saw an old grappling book that gene put out and it was utter crap. It was mostly wwf stuff and it didn't show any setups for the moves.
gene knows his throws and takedowns and his ground is very good, but he likes to show the flashy low percentage stuff
I saw some instructional vid of him that was just awfull, so no everyting by him is not good. That book however is suposed to be extremely good and an absolute must for every submissiongrapplers library. Im looking to buy it myself.