gelatin and joints


Created Monkey
Jul 24, 2003
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I read somwhere there was reason to believe gelatin was good for joint health. I found only one study on the subject, it was positive but was also run by a company selling gelatin supplements...IOW I have really no idea whether or not it's useful.

Anybody here tried it with some results??
I ask because all the heavy pressing, tricep work and grippers I do these days seems to take its toll on my elbows. I'm also considering buying glucosamine. What else would be good? Contrast baths? Tiger balm? Deep cold? Elbow wraps? What?
I take MSM powder.
I buy Organic Beef Gelatin, I use it when I am cooking. I don't notice any difference in anything. I never have joint pain though. I do use it for that reason though, since I read up on it as well.
MSM is just an anti-inflammatory. More of a symptomatic treatment as opposed to actual joint repair. I recommend a combination of Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM, as well as enough good fatty acids (the equivalent of the Tin Man's oil can), gelatin also helps, but nost just with joint, with nail, hair, and skin consistency.