GB Greece Seminar and the First BBelt of our school...


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May 7, 2002
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This was a special year for our school. We moved in a new biger place, we had lot's of trouble and setbacks but eventually everything starting to get better. We had a great seminar with Marcelo "Uirapuru" Azevedo (Draculino team Black Belt) and the head instructor of our school Cristo K. Markes got promoted to his Black Belt after 15 years since he first started training in BJJ. Im the guy reading the Letter Draculino wrote for the promotion since it was the first time he couldn't come for the Annual seminar becouse he just opened a new school in Houston Texas and moved to the US. This is basically the First BBelt promotion in Greece.

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That's awesome, Congrats.

Looks like a great mat space you have there!
Great stuff!

Huge accomplishment for your instructor and equally great for BJJ in Greece. Good to see more and more homegrown BB in Europe!

Good luck with the new gym, it looks awesome!

thanks guys...

Yes our mat space is big, 130 m2
Christos is the man!!!!!!

I was there too & Got my blue belt!!!! Wasn't expecting it but it has given me motivation to train harder.....

I'm off to hit the track for some running....

I have to change my avatar tho!
That is great spreading BJJ around the world is a good thing to see!

I train at GB Texas with Draculino, and he has mentioned you guys before.
Thats awesome. Too bad I can't read Greek to checkout the website.
Thats awesome. Too bad I can't read Greek to checkout the website.

down on the bottom you can change in english language... though the site needs lot's of updating...