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Oct 24, 2007
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I have my first fight in 3 weeks so sunday i had to give blood three 4 viles worth....the next morning i ran 4 miles in morning, then lifted weights...Then I night i tried rolling and i had no energy at all...and still today I m tired and fatigued like crazy...Does anyone know if it was from giving blood at all or what? thanks
Did you eat?

I've practiced after giving blood and I can definatly say I was feeling pretty weak, but that was 2 hours after donating.
ya i ve been eating as normal...its been two days and still weak...I m thinking it might be some overtraining too....i train two, three times a day three days a week, but i felt fine up until the day after giving blood
Yeah I'd say its something besides 4 vials of blood, but I'm no doctor.
Well it'll affect you for 2-3 days tops, but if you drink LOTS of liquids and try to get a little more iron in your diet than you usually do, it'll be replaced by then. Those vials look big, but you have no idea how much blood volume a person (let alone an athlete) actually has.

Also, why would you train 3 times a day, 3 days a week? Why not 1-2 times a day, 6 days a week? That makes a LOT more sense.
Just drink more water, etc. It shouldnt affect you that much.

Ive trained and lifted the same day I gave blood and it never gave me much of a problem.
All depends the person. I'm completely useless when I give blood.
Anyway four vials is not really that much blood at all. If you donated blood and gave like a pint and some vials maybe, but just 4 vials i think its just you overtraining/not resting enough.
There's no big issue here. If you feel lousy then just rest for a day and make sure you eat well and drink lots of water. This shouldn't be a big issue.
Sounds like you need time off take one day and only train once and drink tons of water and get some sleep .