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I haven't been around much, so forgive me if this has been covered.

Gary Goodridge has Kook Sul Won listed in the style area in Sherdog's fighter section.

Here is a quote from Bullshido, from Karate Forums from Sherdog (convoluted, yes) that would lead me to think that it should be changed:

'Gary Goodridge: Well, there was a Kuk Sool Won club in my area, and I told them I wanted to go into the UFC. They had a little 158 pound guy that wanted to go as well. They had a little donation thing to help this guy out too. Now, people are coming in to support the gym or whatever, giving change here and there trying to help this guy go to the UFC. I was thinking "This guy's 158 pounds!" And at the time, the UFC didnt have weight classes. He just wanted to go and try to beat up somebody. So, I'm 260, 275 lbs at the time, and I'm thinking, "You know, I could wrap this guy up into a pretzel and have him down on the grass sucking himself off in no time at all!" So I said "You know what, I'll beat up your boy, then I want all that money, and I'm going to the UFC!" So we had a little sparring session, and of course, I was on top of him all the time. I didn't know what do to, I was just on top of him. So we just wrestled around until we got tired.

Gary Goodridge celebrates after his win in the recent 2 Hot 2 Handle show.
So they said, "Are you goin to the UFC?" I said, "Yeah, I applied." They told me if I got in I could represent them, and they'd give me a 4th degree black belt. I said "No problem! I want it legal though, I want the paperwork." So they got me the paperwork for it from the Grand Pubah of Kuk Sool Won, from Korea, and he let me know I was the man. And about a month and 12 days later I was fighting in the UFC! Wow, that's incredible. You wore the gi, was that part of the deal?

Gary Goodridge: I started training at the [Kook Sul Won] place about a month and a half before the UFC, and I started training in a gi, because Royce Gracie was in a gi. I was trying to assimilate what he was doing. My background was as a puncher, I'm a striker. I was trying to assimilate the gi, which was a far cry from what I should have done, but I didn't know that at the time. I thought "Hey, I'm a grappling expert!" So I went in the gi because thats all I had trained in. So how long did you actually train that discipline?

Gary Goodridge: Kuk Sool Won? I may have trained a class or so. Heh, so there was no Kuk Sool Won in the UFC huh?

Gary Goodridge: No.
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