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Gameness Board Shorts?


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Jun 15, 2002
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Thinking about getting a pair for my next fight... anyone have experience with Gameness (grapplegear.com) or their board shorts?
All I know is that they make possibly the best gi's in the market. Don't know the quality of their shorts as I have no experience with them.
Judging from the Gi's the shorts should be top quality. I would like to hear how they are can you do a review if you get them?
Anyone worn a pair of gameness board shorts? I'm thinking of trying them out for my next fight. How do they compair with TapouT or Sprawl? Thanks.
bumping this for current reviews/opinions on gameness board shorts... anyone own them? Do they fit true?
I tried a pair on but they didn't suit me. They are really thick and I'd imagine they'd get really heavy when soaked with sweat. That being said if you like heavy shorts
Maybe you'd like them.
Our shorts are made as strong and as well as our gis. The Gameness name going down the side of the shorts is not silk screen or a sewed on patch. In fact it is embroidered.
All products before they come on the market are tested at Nashville MMA with over 400 students wearing our products.
what about the sizing is the waist measurement correct or do these run big/small
I have two pairs. They run true to size but I don't like them as much as a pair of shorts with a split seam. Grappling in them is great though. Simple, clean shorts and the logo is embroidered so you dont have to worry about it fading and showing a lot of wear.