Chad Hamilton

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Feb 17, 2005
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This is to my educated friends.

This stuff seems to be selling well all over the US.
No thanks to the advertising Im sure.

However, to me it seems to be just another amino.

What are your thoughts on this product?
What do you think about the price?

I've read the write ups, ads, etc.
Help me expand my kowledge on this product.
OK its been 2 1/2 hours.

Oh how I wish my friends were here from 9 - 5.
Stuck here with TUF n00bs all damn day.
Where's all the cool people.
Right Here. Don't buy Gakic. It'll make you sweat like crazy, and it tastes like shit. Save youself the money and stick to regular proteins and aminos. Like Optimum nutriotions softgels, 18 bucks for 300 of 'em. I stress the point that it absolutely tastes worse than anything I've tried before.
It's just another NO product, but coupled with a different ketoacid than alphaketoglutarate.

They're marketing it like it's next-gen, but this is just NO repackaged.
Chad Hamilton said:
Well whats the glycine for?

I forget what they claimed, but like many other amino acids, you're body tends not to be in a depleted state of glycine.

Terumo and RJKD have commented on the inefficiency of uptake via administration of singular amino acids, anyway, you've seen their posts. I think Kabuki commented about it not making sense to him in the "Rating the Supplement" thread: that "amino acids" were included in the "possibly harmful" category (when, for example, "glutamine" was in the "Possibly Useful" category). The reason is that the body tends to maintain a certain balance of amino acids, and taking them isolated disrupts this balance (or even in multi-amino's that cannot possibly be engineered to supply the particular profile at any given time to maintain that balance).

And from a naturalist's point of view, Chad, this makes sense too. Because where in nature are amino acids found except in protein? Where are amino acids found in isolation? Our bodies, apparently, aren't designed/evolved to process amino acids in this fashion.

As for glutamine, it's still a controversial supplement, but taking it in isolation post-workout makes more sense to me since that amino acid is specifically depleted beyond the others after lifting weights (especially more intense sessions).
Hey Chad, no offense man but why do YOU really need any supps besides maybe some Whey? What are you taking now and why?
It's muscletech, it's overpriced garbage, nuff said.
I'm right here. lol, i hadnt looked at the thread cuz it was a muscletech product. i wouldnt buy it. dont buy into the hype.
oh yea, just for shitz and giggles, i signed up for that free sample, and it said it would be here in the end of oct. and that was back in july. so IF i get some, ill let you knwo about t, but i sure as hell aint gonna pay for it