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Gakic?...more like GAGkic!


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Nov 28, 2004
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oh my fuckin god....GAKIC is the nastiest tasting shit on the face of the Earth. And im not just talking supplements. GAKIC is actually the worst tasting element on earth. I have no idea what the hell im going to do with the rest of the tub. It smells like liquor and tastes like....you have no idea unless you try it. It mixes like gravel in water. I will never even know if thius shit does anything cause i will NEVER drink it again.
Anyone else try this garbage?
I know a few people who try it, but they didn't say anything like your saying.
im worried i got a bad batch or something cause im SURE its not supposed to taste THAT bad. Im gunna try mixing it with grape juice.
You didn't get a bad batch, I've heard the same thing.
I have been hearing mixed reviews on it. Little say it works but a lot of people say it does not work. Also, a lot of people say they feel a little difference but nothing major. Especially for the price.

Pawn it off on eBay, there's a sucker born every minute.
I almost couldnt finish the one sample glass i got, thought i was going to puke....
I drank ONE glass and it took me 15min and then i threw 3..count em THREE menthol excels in my mouth. It was so nasty.
Aren't there pills also, I was thinking of getting this but your post is changing my mind. I used to take ultimate orange and it didn't have an effect on me? I was told pills weren't as effective but this was for glutamine, which in powder for taste like nothing.
I am still waiting for my free sample to arrive in the mail...now I am not so anxious for it to arrive!
the pills you have to take like 8 a day and its just a amssive pain. I got the powder only cause its a single scoop on training days. Got, that damn tub is still staring me in the face.

what a waste....muscletech does it again
Yea I took Cell Tech and when I loaded it the first time I gained like 10 pounds in a week and a half...But man loading it, taking those two big glasses a day was tough. I had to hold my nose. I was a slave to the toilet also, I would have to shit instantaneously. I would be chilling and without warning i had to go, literally run or I would shit myself. Several times a day...I bet Gakic is worse.
Ya Im struggling to drink it too, but Ill finish it and I try again too. But its horrible. But as for the gains its not some superdrink that will make you will feel like your on steriods so if thats what your looking for keep dreaming, But on my fatigue reps I was doing them without my spot. My spot even noticed that he didnt have to help me.
Thats good enough if u ask me!
Cory M
I've never been a fan of Muscletech products, as they tend to have a lot of hit and miss shit...mostly miss.