gaining muscel and loosing wieght


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Oct 10, 2005
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the title explains it all, i am a 17 year old male, that is 204lbs, to me i know i am overweight, but i am trying to get into shape, before i start taking some classes in brazilian ju jitsu,

jrotc is getting my weight down a little bit but i still need to knock of some more pounds,

my goal is to loose 25lbs and gain more muscle right now i am very weak can't really do that many pushups or lift real heavy weights,

right now what i am doing for cardio is tiabo, and trying to do at least 100 push ups and 100 situps a day

and i am trying to lift weights a little bit but since money is low i only have one 25lb dumbell
but i am gonna see if my school will let me lift afterschool that would help alot

but do you guys have some advice for me,
on like what other cardio do i need and tips on loosing wieght i am not trying to loose it fast, but i want to loose enough where i don't have stretch marks and loose my weight healthy.

thanks in advance
join a gym, i you develop more muscle then you metabolism should go up, eat a diet of 40% carbs, 40% protein, 10% fat and the rest take in protein shakes buddy. anyway as far as training, keep up working on you cardio as much as you can, change around your routine so you wont get bored, and never ever give up.
thanks man i have been going through that thread,

today i did 20 min of cardio, then i hit 100 push ups and 100 situps since i have no weights with my right now since i am on vacation i just do pushups alot.

but if you have anymore tips please do give me some

also i am going to start jump roping a little bit after i run, so i can get a little bit more cardio in.

but when i cook eggs because i eat them alot should i eat the yoke or should i throw it away

be me and my mom has started to cut out drinking sodas and ice tee. so that should help to
continue what you're doing. Just use common sense. Quit eating shitty food if that's what you do. unfortunately, at your age, the cheapest most available food tends to be the most unhealthy. Stay away from that. The weight will fly off.