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Feb 28, 2005
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Someone brought up the excelent idea of making a sub-forum for gear reviewers, like myself, to post our gear reviews. I think this could bring alot more clarity and make information easier to access, especally for newer users. What questons or conscerns do any of the mods have?
No need Adino.

Look at the title of the forum its "Gear and Equipment DISCUSSION".

So yeah, no need really. When I get a chance, I'll allow people to PM me the links to previous threads they made, and I'll make a gigantic sticky which will have hyperlinks to all my reviews, and other peoples reviews which we've done in the past.

Yes Fozzy I realize the forum is for discussion; I'm only suggesting we bring alittle more organization to it. For example, their was a sub forum for T.U.F. in the mma discussion, just to give alittle more organization to the forum itself. The gear reviews are a popular thing and I know the reviews hard work is appreciated by most everyone that frequent the forum. By giving them a sub forum we can bring more orginization to the forum so other discussions dont move the reviews down too far too quickly, I think most would agree they look foward to and appreciate the reviews so having them in their own sub discussion, I think, would benefit the G&E thread. Just my thoughts, and several others, thanks for taking the time to read and consider this, Happy Holidays :D
I don't like the idea. *yawn*

:p but it may be considered.

Well I appreciate your openess to considering it, I think there are many others who visit the forum regularly that would also like it. Thanks Foz and the rest of the mods.
For what it's worth, I think it's a good idea. A good detailed review can easily get buried in a ton of "junk". Would be nice to have a sub forum that was no-nonsense and you could quickly, easily find what you need to know.
To me there is a difference between discussion and review.
For instance if you wanted to know something about a particular glove, and just used the search function (even limiting it to G&E) you could pull up a ton of threads that don't give you a single bit of what you want to know. But if you could go to a sub-forum that was nothing but reviews, you'd find exactly what you needed.
I think its a great idea, especialy for new people who come here looking for gear. It would save them from getting flamed for asking about gear that has been reviewd already. I think you should make it happen. Its a bitch to search for the review thread about instructionals, its like 7 pages back.
I dunno guys.... to me it just seems silly to have a sub-forum... when people could PM me links to their reviews. Wouldn't it be easier to have a giant sticky titled "REVIEWS"

and have sections for gloves, gis, websites, shorts... etc. which could be updated if you PM'd me the link to your review thread. That way it's easily accessible, and people still get the oppourtunity to post questions in your thread.

It seems more logical to do that because, say someone wants a question, it's alot easier to get it answered in the forum, as apposed to having a dedicated sub-forum with reviews posted. As for cluttering it up, theres nothing to stop another forum from being cluttered up with crap too. Right now, almost 80% of the threads are reviews, and 20% questions on where to get gear. So it just seems silly to dedicate another forum to something 80% of the load is already on.

We could just change the name to "Gear and Equipment Review and Discussion" forum. =P

Thumbs up from me, organization is a good thing and this forum needs it!
No other mods have replied, because G&E is my board :p

see if they reply.

I'll tell you what, I'm a fair guy. *cough* if there is enough demand in here, I'll discuss it with the other mods. And then we'll have a vote on the boards, and between the G&E populace.

Personally, I think the idea sucks and I like my idea better. hehehehe jokes.

ps: maybe phenom meant thumbs up to my idea! :p

Off to sleep.