Full-contact sparring gloves

Big John

Jun 20, 2005
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I'm looking for a pair of gloves that would be good to use in full-contact sparring(HARD punching) with headgear. I was leaning towards the Truth gloves because of the price but heard they hit like bricks, or is that just with the gel? Any info would be much appreciated.
Shooto are the best for sparring. Check the sticky on gloves in this forum for more info.
The foam TRUTH gloves are a lot softer than the gel pad gloves...
I use the fairtex mma gloves, and i lime them alot. Really comfortable and they don't lide around at all.
Aren't the Fairtex gloves really hard though. It seems to me that you would want to recycle your sparring partners, not bruise them up with really hard gloves.
The fairtex MMA gloves are far too hard-hitting for full-contact sparring! Gloves that come to mind are:

- Fairtex Sparring Gloves
- Rogue Sparmaster Gloves
- CSI Sparring Gloves
- Ouano Shooto Gloves
- Gameness Sparring Gloves
FYI the gel versions of the truth gloves are awesome... for fighting people you don't care about and want to hurt, not sparring with training partners. Get either the ZFairtex sparring gloves or the ouano shooto gloves.