Fuji vs Padilla & sons vs vulkan pro light


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Dec 23, 2012
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Torn between Padilla & sons gold weave gi and the Vulkan prolight both in black. Any suggestions and the Fuji. I train in Texas and it gets hot. I would like a good durable light breathing gi with a good collar!!
Please help train about 3-4 times a week
Also anyone know where I can get a Sirius gi
How are those Sirius Gi's .... seen alot of talk about them here and there.
check out the Kingz Ripstop 420 V2...if you want it for hot weather, get the white one. they can be found at fightersmarket, and I believe they're around $120. i just got one in black, the gi is bad to the bone. very light, extra stiff collar, and the fabric holds up well when training...barely any stretch at all, which i'm assuming is from the rip stop weave.
go with padilla and sons. There is really nothing to complain about with their gi's. I have had one since 2009 and only recently did I have to finally stop using it. They are that tough and well made
I have both in white. P&S gold weave is thick but amazingly soft. Great for winter rolling.
hey CINTURAO I've always seen reviews on PADILLA AND SONS but never seen one, could you offer me a quick review? like the weight? (not gsm but poudns or kg) or thickness, build, shrink, color fading. etc??


(I know you were asking about gold weave but their lightweight is pretty great too)

I own a P&S Lightweight in white A2 and it's been my main gi for close to two years now. It weighs about 4 pounds.

Thickness: Not that thick but it's pretty pebbly. Super tough pearl weave, durable but makes me more prone to mat rash.
Build: It's a little closely-fitted in the armpits and upper arms but not tight(I'm 5'7" and 160 with wide shoulders), and doesn't restrict my movement while rolling. The smallish sleeve cuffs make Ezekiel chokes tougher but also make it easier to strip pistol grips. The pants are simple cotton with reinforced knees but have held up really well.
Shrink: It hasn't shrank much. I've dried it only once in the dryer.
Color fading: The logos have faded some due to the few times I've used too much bleach and left it to sit for too long in the wash.

I've abused this gi and it's held up amazingly well - no rips or major fraying. I'm going to buy another one this year.