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From non believer to advocate (John M. Berardi)



I cannot stress enough what I am about to say:

For a long time, I have fought with dietary habits and strict paradigms to try an achieve solid nutrition. For many months I would poor over the Sherdog boards and look for the "secret" method or the super special technique to shed the fat.

The only common pattern that I saw was this John M. Berardi fellow, and how great his books were etc. After several failed attempts and casting away my predetermined beliefs in nutrition, I broke down and picket up his Gourmet Nutrition 2.0 recipe book and said why the hell not. After about 2 months I felt amazing. Of course, the next natural progression was to get his entire system, which I did.

Educating yourself and following through with discipline and accountability really helped me reach the next level in my goals and training. Also, I started to not only see, but feel the results of eating healthier.

So, too all those Berardi nut hugers, you were right and thank you so much for hammering into peoples heads to "Eat your fucking veggies".

~Crazyasian, Proud Berardi nut hugger
I agree. I'll admit...until I started coming on here to sherdog and reading up on JB...my life, my body and performance has increased big time. It feels good to eat healthy and eat good foods. It has become pretty easy for me now to eat healthy.
He is definately one of the smartest people in the biz. The 7 Effective habits are taped to my fridge.
Nice to see that someone else "found the light".

JB has changed a lot of people for the better.
Great to hear stories like this. JB's stuff is spot on, and one can never go wrong with either Precision Nutrition, Grappler's Guide, or Gourmet Nutrition.

There's a reason we throw Berardi's name around here like gospel, and it has nothing to do with sponsors or endorsements, but everything to do with solid nutritional advice.
for the first few years i spent trying to get nutrition right, the same thing would happen each time i tried a plan. i would find something promising, use it for a few months, and make some progress. then id find some study that made me question what i was eating. especially once i learned about alkalinity/acidity/etc....

then i started reading berardi's stuff about a year ago. i was impressed that he was so far ahead of the usual stuff id been reading in men's health, etc.... ive stuck with it, and have made more progress since using berardis nutrition then all the years before combined, including n00b gains. i always thought it was just my genetics, blah blah.... that kept me from moving big weights and getting to super low BF percentages. nope.

berardi is the only person whos opinion/logic/advice i dont question when it comes to nutrition. if berardi says it, its gold in my book. i trust he has plenty of science to back it up.
You all know about his pioneering work, but on a personal level, JB is a stand up guy. There aren't many of those in this cutthroat business.
I've been reading (The Heavyweights section of) Sherdog for around three years, registered a username around a year and a half ago and have been reading this forum for around 6 months but only around 1 or 2 months with any kind of consistency. I will say that these forums have increased my working knowledge of MMA fighters and goings on like, a million times over. THIS particular forum has been a similar experience...but not on the same surface level.

There is a LOT of reading and absorbing that goes on in this forum. It's not one-and-done snippets of information and statistics like in the MMA forums, no, it's just confusing. Or at least, confusing for someone who reads this stuff with the smallest amount of nutritional information.

That brings me to Berardi. I've seen his name tossed around so much around here and pretty much ignored it. But it seems like the past couple months it hasn't been easy to ignore (probably because I'm reading this particular forum a lot more now). I thought to myself "man....maybe there's something to this guy". Well, I've read the free 43 page Precision Nutrition e-book "Strategies for Success" a few days ago and day-um, I've never read anything nutrtion related that seems so well researched and thought out yet at the same time easy to understand and easy to mentally grasp and logically accept.

I checked out his 7 Habits a few weeks ago and have since then semi-incorporated some of them, like eating more often (I know, he says 2-3, but I've upped my total 'meals' from 2 or 3 a day to 5 or 6 smaller ones). Crazily enough, I'm pretty sure I've been consuming more calories during the past few weeks, but have been eating more protein and vegetables. Also, just for personal laziness reasons, I've worked out less during the past two or three weeks than I have during a 3 week span in probably over a year. HOWEVER, somehow I've lost a few pounds (of fat) during that time.

I'm not sure what else to attribute the weight loss to except the semi-overhaul in my eating habits. CRAZY!

Anyway, after this huge post, I'm wondering if I should order the Precision Nutrition bundle of stuff (Precision Nutrition - The System).

I'm 5'10"and weigh ~167 on a muscular (for the average person) frame. I lost all my weight a year and a half or so ago and have been maintaining it well. I have been at the "I could lose maybe around 10 more pounds" stage for like a year though, if I wanted to be pretty ripped. My question is (and I'm pretty sure I know the answer), is the Precision Nutrition system worth it if I'm not all that interested in losing weight? It looks like a pretty unrivaled information tool, but still, it's $150.

Anyway, what do you people think?
you can get most of the information contained within the precision nutrition system by reading through the PN forums, but its great to have the reference material in hand. if you're going to spend money on a nutrition text, thats a good place to spend it.
I just tracked down the free Ebook, so I'll look that over and see what this stuff is all about! FYI, it's not $150, it's only like $97 for the complete package.
I am tempted to invest the hundred bucks in Berardi's program, if I can handle the carb ratio in it.

I guess if I have a little bit of skepticism left in me...I find it a little odd that he has reached god-like status hear because his background appears to be bodybuilding and I would think there are many differences in the nutritional needs of bodybuilders and serious martial artists.
Read the FAQ noob. We've been saying to follow JB's advice for ages..

You don't even have to pay for his book. If you know anything about cooking you can make smart decisions based on free articles on his site and come up with your own recipes.
The ****bolism Advantage was a huge turning point for my overall health. The geat thing about Berardi's concepts is that once you grasp them they are easy to apply and tweak. I was fortunate to be able to really crank up my ****bolism with little effort and I can stray quite a bit from the 90 percent rule without feeling like shit physically or mentally.
I am tempted to invest the hundred bucks in Berardi's program, if I can handle the carb ratio in it.

I guess if I have a little bit of skepticism left in me...I find it a little odd that he has reached god-like status hear because his background appears to be bodybuilding and I would think there are many differences in the nutritional needs of bodybuilders and serious martial artists.

He has a diverse background. He has played rugby and was a powerlifter before he was a bodybuilder. He's also the man.
I like this dude's material a lot. I knew most of it already but bought precision nutrition and gourmet nutrition 2.0 and it was money well spent. If only i could make my lazy ass parents stick to it...
I've noticed, in addition to limiting the amount of glucose in my diet, that roughly following Bernardi's tips has helped cut down on my colitis episodes significantly.