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Frequency in training.


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Jun 9, 2004
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Right now I am training MT with a background in boxing. The gym I train at also has grappling, basically no gi aimed at MMA, though our guys have generally done very well in grappling-only tournaments here in Florida.

I would like to train, though there are two issues, one of which I want to ask you grappling guys about. I have never trained in this before, just MT and boxing. As my class schedule stands now, and probably next semester, I can only really train grappling twice a week; thursdays from 7-9PM and saturdays from 1:30-3:30PM. I am already training in striking on monday, wednesday, friday, and saturday mornings from 11AM-1PM.

The reason I can only train at these weird times is because of my class schedule, which I cannot change. Do you guys think that I, as a person with no experience, will be able to pick up grappling well only attending two classes a week? This semester is half over, and semesters are 16 weeks, so that means that for the next 24 weeks (I guess about six months) if I were to start grappling it would only be twice a week.

Now, my question here is not whether or not it is worth it; of course it is. Even one day a week would be better than no grappling at all. What I am asking is, do you guys think that by the end of this six months (assuming I start grappling this upcoming week) I would gain any level of proficiency?

The second issue, which is why I haven't started grappling so far, is money. Not really any questions to ask there.
You'd be better than people who trained less than you but you wouldn't be anywhere near blue belt level.

If your body can handle it, do it.
If you do anything twice a week for six months you will gain some sort of proficiency in it.

As Waxingslain said, you won't be anywhere near blue belt level, but you will atleast have a little more than the basics.
twice a week for 6 months? yeah, by that time you should gain proficiency. go for it bro
depends how dedicated you are. You can get alot out of two classes. It depends on the indiividual. Either way it isnt going to hurt you.. So do it.
As said above, if your body can hack it , do it. If you have a keen interest in grappling and have have some aptitude you will pick it up much faster. Being no gi and aimed at mma i cant see you going out and killing any white belt gi tournaments in a hurry but you may become quit a fighting machine in general with all that training.
You will become a striker with some grappling, as opposed to most guys in here probly grapplers with some striking.
Either way its all good.
Ok then, thanks for the pep talk guys. I have another question, and this is money wise. I haven't spoken to my coach yet, but right now I pay about $100 a month for striking. I am assuming that if I start doing both I may be able to get him to cut me some sort of deal...what do you guys generally pay at your gyms? And for the grapplers with some striking, how much do you guys pay total?