Free training for school teachers at Jiu-Jitsu League Long Beach

Kevin H

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Nov 22, 2008
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Hey everybody,

My name is Kevin Howell, I am a black belt under Andre Galvao, co-writer of a few BJJ books, and head instructor/owner of The Jiu-Jitsu League in Long Beach, California. Basically, like many of you, I am just frustrated and saddened by the Sandy Hook shooting and my wife and I are doing what we can to hopefully change things.

Basically, we will be giving FREE jiu-jitsu training for any educator or administrator whether it be preschool, K-5, K-8, middle school, high school, college, or university. Free. Only requirements are: that it is for people who have little or no exposure to grappling/martial arts (under 6 months, because we really want it to effect people who have no understanding of martial arts), that the teacher's employment be verifiable, and that they are not members at another gym (we are NOT trying to recruit or hurt local academies).

We just want to help. I realize BJJ isn't much against an armed gunman; I am not naive. However, if perhaps we have enough teachers that are trained then the hope is that they could do something. Some training is always better than none and these teachers were the first line of defense against this madman.

So, if you know a teacher in the area, please share this link with them - we'll have a website up soon...

Hopefully other schools realize the importance of this and jump on the bandwagon as well!

If you would just like to have your teacher friend come in, just have them call 562-719-1555 or they can find our contact info directly at:

Kevin Howell
Thanks for the support guys, we've had a few teachers and admin say they will come in already. A few academies asked if they could do the same thing - of course. I hope many do - it can only help.
Kudos for helping out