Free Technique--- Half Guard Pass


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Jun 14, 2004
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Interesting pass. Due to a knee injury about 6 months ago I was forced to play half guard almost exclusivly. I had a good deal of success against guys at my level and at a higher level than me.

This pass gives me fits, hope you guys like it.
Awesome technique.

This is what a lot of the old school Brazilians argue, when they are asked about the newest half guard sweep or how to defeat the lockdown.

"Don't play that game, don't engage their halfguard."

This is a great way to get around.

Also if you wanna work on improving top game and passing this is a good way to avoid being stuck in halfguard dogfights for half the roll.

Not saying half guard isn't a very important position, but just a different approach.

Thanks for posting
sweet, u can also transition into an arm lock from there, just grab a good hold of his right arm, and step with ur right leg over his head and lean back :)
I agree, It the best way to play against a good half guard player.
this is almost the standard pass we learn. works both gi nogi!
TTT Ken just won the Black/Brown Belt at Naga!

He has videos of all his matches, I'll post them when I get them.
some great techniques , looking forward to trying them. thank you
Ken is going to be a big thing in bjj in a few short years, the guy is an animal.
As a wrestler, I definitely prefer to engage the half guard and keep my weight on him, controlling/pinning his hips with a double leg-type pass (arms low around hips/high around thighs, outside shoulder driving into abdomen) while I slowly work up and work past the position. Different strokes for different folks I guess, but the wrestler in me does not like making space when I'm on top. Good pass though, I've been trying to work more from standing whether in guard or in half guard.