Free/cheap rolling in Los Angeles?


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May 24, 2004
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I train under John Machado, and though his school is totally awesome, it is only open four days a week, M/W/F and Sunday mornings. Given how bad my work schedule is, it's hard for me to get to roll as much as I'd like. Does anyone know of any free/cheap ways to train in LA -- rolling without instruction is okay, no-gi is okay too. I'd really like someplace I could go on Saturday mornings or late at night, which I can't currently do. I think somebody posted about a real cheap MMA school in LA that rolls on Saturdays ... something like that. I don't want to switch schools, just looking for more training time possibilities.

Thanks if anyone knows or has suggestions ...
Villa Park Grappling Club in Pasadena is the BEST place to train at a cheap price (i think 5$ a session or something like that), excellent people to work with, a lot of knowledge being shared at the best price in town. If i lived up there i would be there every Saturday, which is when they train. I'm pretty sure they start at around 11AM. It's at the Villa Park Recreation Center. You can look up the location on the map, or use map quest. Then just show up. No appt. necessary. Just talk to the guys setting it up and let them know you heard about it on Sherdog. they roll on 1st floor in one of the big rooms which you can locate easily
Villa Parke Grappling Club, 11:00 AM
Combination of Judo, BJJ, Sambo, wrestling, MMA
$30 a month.
Go to, go to forum, join, and ask Sensei for info, his one of the instructors. He even let u borrow instructionals dvd's.