Frank Shamrock Seminar in Texas Presented by Rage Combat

Rage Combat

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Sep 28, 2005
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Rage Combat is a newly formed group that will be bringing all of todays Martial Arts Stars to the Central Texas area. We are pleased to announce our first seminar with the Legend himself Frank Shamrock on March 25th and 26th 2006 in Austin Texas....

Frank will be teaching submission fighting and MMA on the 25th, and he will return on the 26th for a special Law Enforcement training seminar. The cost of the seminar is $175.00 for each day, or law enforcment can train both days for $300.00...Don't miss this oppurtunity to train with one of the true LEGENDS of Martial Arts....Frank Shamrock!!!

Visit for more details

Also, we would like feedback about other stars that you would like to train with in the Central Texas area....Either reply here or email [email protected] to give us a better idea of who we could bring to the area....We will do our best to give you the chance to train with the legends and stars of MMA
buda Texas, that is near by Austin.

who is the instructor hosting it for Franky?
The event will be hosted by Angelo Floiran and sponsored in part by the Fraternal Order of Police
Frank's seminars are always informative and exciting
We have spoken with some of the Chute Box academy about doing something in the Summer 06 with Shogun and Ninja....Of course the success of the Shamrock seminar will determine how soon we are able to bring Shogun and Ninja here

While we are bringing Frank to Buda right outside of Austin, we are looking at the next seminar to be held in San Antonio

We also wanted to pass on to all the martial artists out there, that the law enforcement agencies in the area are sending multiple people to this event....Space is limited to make for better training, and the Cops are taking a lot of the space, so get in touch with us to reserve a spot
Shogun And Ninja In San Antonio Is Gonna Be Great..........can You Make It Near Utsa So I Don't Have Far To Drive