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Oct 30, 2002
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I am moving to Dallas soon and would like a rundown of the good BJJ places in the area. I know of Carlos Machado, of course, but I also know that alot of his students are scattered around the metroplex.

Any reviews would be greatly appreciated...
Yeah check out for a list of the schools there, but don't pay too much attention to the people in its forums, they're a bunch of retards. I think Batatinha has a school down there.
Yeah, thanks for the advice guys. I checked the pages out, and it gave me a pretty good list of schools, but no reviews. I would ideally like for current students to tell me what they think about where they are training...
1. machado
2. star jiu jitsu
3. mohlers
4. lutters-nextgen bjj
5. dfw gun club
6. orlando weagh- not sure on the spelling
theses are the places i know about

i am in dfw for 3 months, i will be at carlos', classes all the time, it can fit any schedule for sure
I've seen this question a lot on this forum and I always wonder the same thing. Is there a reason not to train with Carlos for BJJ if you have the opportunity? Everyone else here is basically a student of his minus Mohler who is under Jacare now I think, but I never thought he was all that great of a teacher compared to others around.

I mean I understand if you are looking more for No Gi or looking for MMA, then other places make more sense, but for straight Sport BJJ it's hard to argue with the Machados ability to teach that.

I liked training with Big O (Orlando Waugh) over at Texas Self Defense Academy since we have similar builds, but I've heard he's gone to a new business method that kinda makes it hard to do that old laid back BJJ style thing. I haven't been over there to see though.

My daughter likes training with Kathy Brothers in her kid classes. Apparently she has moved from doing kid's classes at Carlos' school and is at Guy Mezger's Lion's Den/FS Martial Arts school now. I am planning on taking her up there in the next week or so and trying out Kathy's class for her and their adult classes for me. But I really liked it when Kathy was at Carlos's school so I could go and work out with the man right after my daughter's class.
Thanks for the advice SomeGuy, and you are pretty much echoing what my instructor has said. He is one of Carlos' best black belts and he pretty much said the same thing, and even suggested that it would kinda be like taking money away from carlos if I went to one of his students schools instead of training with the man himself.
train with carlos. he is a great guy, has forgotten more aboutBJJ than most of us will ever learn and has a great ability to teach.

i find it really impressive that carlos is never done learning. he doesn't get pride get in his way he is still open to learn new things and that is great for his students.
I have noticed that too... I have been lucky enough to train with him for a few seminars at my school.