For the love of boxing


Jul 23, 2007
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After 14 years of lost interest, I am starting to be won over to boxing once again by non other than ESPN's Friday Night Fights and the incredible commentating of Teddy Atlas.

I was a huge fan while growing up but a stint in the US Army and lifes journey kinda seperated me from the sport and the UFC had filled it's gap until now. In my last days with the sport Roy Jones Jr. had just beat the biggest Challengers of his day in Bernard Hopkins and James Toney, Holyfield had just lost his title to Michael Moore and retired after the heart condition diagnosis, and Julio Caesar Chavez recieved his first loss at the hands of Frankie Randell. It's been a while, but even the beauty of unranked fighters and the skill/ability they possess brings about a sort of magic to the show. The speed and agility. Footwork and ability to turn a fight around. The History! I think the only downfall i see is the simple fact that Don King is still around. Bummer... But with Dana White being who he is, it makes it that much easier for me to overlook this small flaw and begin, once again, to truely enjoy the magic of Boxing.
Welcome Back

Its been an awesome last couple of years for boxing and its only going to get better. We've had some amazing fights and individual performances this year so far and its only April!
Good to see someone coming back to the sport.