For people who compete in MMA

joe broadway

May 15, 2004
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This is for people who compete or at least train somewhere for mma, so if you are not either please dont respond. I have been trying to get some people together in my hometown who want to compete in mma, now we have people to train with. We have boxers, former wrestlers, and a few guys that have fought mma in small events. Nobody in our group has had any formal mma training. Since we pretty much have the striking down what should we do for practice, more specifically what drills should we do to practice the sprawl, clinch, working with and in the guard...and on and on. We have a lot of talent but no real coach to hone it all together. So what is your advice?
Situational stuff is always good.

One guy in anothers guard, the guy tries to pass the other tries to catch, if either is successful start back in the same position. You can do that with pretty much any position.

Also mix stuff up every couple weeks, if your doing alot of mma style sparring, try going strikes with takedowns but no ground work, also sometimes its good to just focus on grappling or striking and keeping them seperate for awhile.

Oh and drill you techniques alot, you dont need to be sparring and going at it all the time, focus on perfecting your catches and you'll be cglad you did once your in the ring.

Your best bet is to pick up a few mma instructionals by some elite level fighters, and check out how they work on stuff.
ok first off buy the randy couture clinch videos.. or email me at [email protected] and in the next few days i will email them to you... they are good... where do you live???
example... get everyone familiar with all postions.. guard, (open ,closed) side control,mount, and back. learn a few passes, and sweep,,,,,,for mma,, the main submissions, are Keylock(or americana) arm bar, from guard adn mount,triangle...learn those.. practice those drills, and give them about 5 inutes to roll, and only use a triangle, and 1 guard pass...
might help if you gave your location, then someone might actually come out and help you. though it's doubtfull(location+ppl willing/schedule)
Drill and roll ALOT! If you know a few moves, (Arm bars, ankle locks, chokes, or whatever) Drill them repeatedly. I'm talking hundreds and hundreds of times per move. Drill for at least an hour a practice. It's boring but keep doing it. Then roll around. If you have wrestlers with you they'll know what to do. Pretty soon the moves that you've drilled hundreds of times will come to you when you roll and you'll be able to hit them successfully. Also don't drill everything all the time. Work on specifics individually, and they will all come together.

Bas Ruten's DVD's are the shit, so are Coture's. Also the "Fighter's Notebook" is pretty good.

Old Chinese proverb "I don't fear the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."
Find a BJJ guy who is willing to roll with you. That is the best way to learn.