For people who compete in MMA

joe broadway

May 15, 2004
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This is for people who compete or at least train somewhere for mma, so if you are not either please dont respond. I have been trying to get some people together in my hometown who want to compete in mma, now we have people to train with. We have boxers, former wrestlers, and a few guys that have fought mma in small events. Nobody in our group has had any formal mma training. Since we pretty much have the striking down what should we do for practice, more specifically what drills should we do to practice the sprawl, clinch, working with and in the guard...and on and on. We have a lot of talent but no real coach to hone it all together. So what is your advice?
The only way to get good at something is to practice it. You said you have some wrestlers in your group have them shoot in on you, then sprawl. Sprawl on air. Train your strong points. If you dont have a bjj guy in your school, then don't incorporate bjj into your gameplan, just train some sub defence. For grappling you should use the wrestling talent you already have. Pool your collective talent together and use it.
i would do this, given your situation. Pick 5-10 basic subs and postitions and the basic escapes. You can get them off any instructional. Armbar, keylock, kimura, triangle and guillotine. Add that in with take downs and sprawls. Drill those submissions and escapes and that will get you started.
get some good instructionals or see of you can bring someone in for a seminar then work off that.