Foot Size/Power



I was watching an old Tuesday Night Fights on ESPN the other day, and one of the fighters listed strengths was his foot size. The commentator explained that a large foot enabled him to have a solid bas with which to punch.

Is there any validity to this?
Makes sense, a larger surface area in contact with the ground should give you greater balance.
I don't think it will make much of a difference.
Abosolutely! My way larger than average testicles allow me to throw more weight into my punches than the less well endowed. Also, my high forehead suggests an extra layer of brain cells that allow you to buy this bull-shit post.

*coughs* Actually, no, dudue. That guy proly has no folking clue what he was talking about- much like Joe Rogan claiming on national t.v. that there is a nerve behind the chin that when hit makes you go out. My Doctor says there is no such thing. ( What does he know tho'? I mean he went to University and then Med school but Rogan is a t.v. star! )