Food Log??


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Nov 21, 2005
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Ok. In another thread I've discussed my weight loss problem. I'm getting ready to start dieting again,and intend to keep a food log, that way if I continue to have problems, it will be easier to diagnose whats going wrong. What should be included on this log? I'm thinking:

Food, serving size, calories, fat grams, protien grams, and carb grams. In addition, I'll also track my water intake. Anything else I should include? break down fat grams into sat and unsat? include fiber and/or sugars? Any key viatamins to include?
I'd say just keep track of your calories and carb-protein-fat balance. Or else you're going to drive yourself nuts trying to keep track of every other little thing.
I agree with Tap, the only other thing I would seperate out would be the Fiber/Sugar ratios if your interested in keeping an eye on your blood sugar. Although, it might work well to record EVERYTHING you can think of, just because it will make you think a little more before you eat something.
Thanks mhalp. I using the trial version now. Seems pretty sweet. Not sure if I'll pay $30 though.
THanks for starting the thread, Flounder. I didn't even know about the software on CalKing. Doing the DL right now.
the software is really growing on me. super easy to use, and its cool to keep track of your eats.