flying armbar


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Oct 19, 2005
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this is me at the mma expo tournament in toronto this week end i won first in the under 140 blue belt division this was the championship match

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sexy submission, but it was VERY painful to watch up until that point, please work on your takedown game.
nice finish, i agree with hayliks. work on that wrestling or judo for gi and u will be a double threat. props on the armbar though very slick man
The flying armbar was beautiful.

However, you should listen to Hayliks. He was a little blunt, but his comments are spot on. Your takedowns need some serious work.

When you post a video on here, you should use the constructive criticism to improve your game. Everyone has something they need to improve, and for you it looks to be takedowns.

If you just want a pat on the back for the video, just go show some TUF noobs. If you want some useful comments on what you can improve, then post it here.
Yea I wouldve just posted the last few seconds lol but nice technique though! ^5
I landed a flying armbar in my first tournament, it's the coolest feeling in the world. Mine wasn't nearly as pretty as yours though.

congrats on 1st. How many matches did you have to do???
Great sub, beautiful execution. But like the first guy said, work on them takedowns
the take down situation was hard he kept grabbing my lapel and i couldnt get his grip off to get a take down and my throws suck. also had an ankle injury from the previous match. thanks for the advice tho
Nice bro! way to secure it on the way down! looked like he was gonna pull out but oyu kept it in there... kudos

like everyone else said, TKDs bro, but yea otherwise!

B-E-A-UTIFUL flying armbar