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flu nutrition


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Aug 12, 2005
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I got the flu (started puking) last Saturday and I'm still really fucking fatigued. Should I be eating less than normal (since I'm not working out, running, hitting the heavy bag, etc), or does it even matter?
Feed a fever, starve a cold? Or the other way around.

Either way, I wouldn't be that concerned on your caloric intake. Eat when hungry, eat cleaner, and drink plenty of fluids. If it doesn't make you puke, eat it.
Water, water, water.

I guess you must eat too. I don't think starving is a good idea when sick. If you're puking though, that's a different story.

I also heard som things about vitamin C on this subject, but hey, some people attribute so much benefits to vitamin C sometimes you've got to suspend judgment.
I'm also trying to get over the flu. I have been drinking warm water and tea during the day .I got my appetite back but, I advise to eat chicken soup until you feel better to eat heavier meals.
I spoke to my doctor about it when I had the flu a while back and he said that Gatorade is really good to drink when you are sick. I know it has high sodium levels and asked and he said due to a fever you actually loose alot of sodium by sweating it out. That is why they put high sodium levels in it. Cause they assume you are working out when you drink it. So I guess it applies to the flu as well.
yeah gatorade ive always used for flu, definetly helps