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Discussion in 'Grappling Technique' started by allitfootwork, Oct 18, 2005.

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    Mar 15, 2005
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    Has anybody out there got the Mark Hatmaker Floorbag Workout DVD? It's the one with him holding a bag while bridging on the cover. I'm looking for a solid solo workout that will help with the grappling (I'm a complete beginner, no regular training partner & get to class x2 a week if I'm lucky)

    Anybody got it, seen it, reviewed it etc.?


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    Nov 7, 2006
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    I already did some variation of this W.O. on my own, including with the timed rounds, but this added to my game in an unexpected way. I was hoping for an indepth instructional on GnP and Saku Style Stomps. This is NOT that. That turned out ok though cause its all about positioning and transitioning... Stuff I could always use work on, and that was lacking in my ground bag game. The GnP (striking) section is very dubious. The assistant can't position and stike at the same time and Hatmaker doesn't demo any combos or actual techniques, just like "you can strike from here" The choke section is equally weak, with these both apparently tossed in as an afterthought or culled from an 2 voume --> 1volume editing/marketing cut. His statement that this is like "2 volumes in 1" because he recommends doing the techniques to timed rounds is just pure BS. Its a fundamental tip that everyone should recognize, but its not a "volume" in and of itself!

    All in all though, the positioning and some drills were worth it though! I have already tried some positions and transitions in my ground bag game and can feel my pin power growing and making my strikes more steady.

    Personally, I have a Century cloth bag (100Lb). He recommends a leather or faux leather surfaced bag to avoid cloth-burns when you spin or reposition. I hate faux shit and could never afford leather right now, so the cloth had to do. 100 Lbs is great! It gives enough weight to make it quite a heft to reposition the bag. Also I play butterfly guard with my bag, so having the 100lbs supported on my shins and knees works it pretty good too. The real problem I found with the cloth isn't the burns... I pretty much have worn down my nipples anyway already :D . The problem is that sweat drenches the cloth and then I gotta be careful to dry the bag so it doesn't mold or rot. ugh!

    edited... btw, I don't recommend just taping over the metal rings (which hold the chains) with duct tape as Hatmaker did. Thats a quick way to some nasty bruises. I ended up cutting off the rings with boltcutters. Veeeeeery nice now!

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